The Athletes goes to the Volcano

21055104_1579692335426172_5821598433735418279_oThe VIII Subida a las Aguilas (01/10/2017) is a sporting event organized by the Club Atletas 97 in collaboration with numerous public and private entities, notably the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (INVOLCAN). In the framework of this collaboration, INVOLCAN has seen this activity as an opportunity to make the participants of this sporting event aware of the natural heritage of the Canary Islands: their volcanoes. INVOLCAN has called this event in English “Taoro Volcano Running” since the majority of the course of this race takes place on lava flows generated by the volcano Taoro, also known as Mountain of the Gallows or Las Arenas. The VIII Subida a las Aguilas (Taoro Volcano Running) is an activity, which under the title of THE ATHLETES GOES TO THE VOLCANO, is part of the numerous activities programmed for THE EUROPEAN VOLCANOES NIGHT 2017 in the Island of Tenerife.

If you want to participate, here you have the registration form!

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